My Professional Services

At this time, I have two primary services available for hire- Latin tutoring and writing.

Latin tutoring

I have nine years’ experience teaching and tutoring elementary, middle, and high school students in Latin, both online and in person, in small group classes and individually. My primary experiences have been with Henle and Cambridge, but I am able to consider other programs as well, depending on student needs. I offer live meetings via Skype or Google, phone calls, email contact, or any combination of those according to your preferences. If you are a homeschooling family in need of a Latin instructor, a regular-school Latin student in need of a tutor, or even an adult just wanting to boost your knowledge, please send me a message on the Contact page and we can set up a customized Latin tutoring plan for you.


I am just beginning as a professional writer, but am eager to acquire some experience on that front. I am fascinated by grammar and language as our primary means of understanding and conveying the truth and would love to turn this passion into a career. If you like my blog posts, and if you have any use for a beginning writer in your business, journal, or other project, please get in touch!