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November in the Liturgical Year

This is an interesting time in the liturgical year, which really corresponds to the natural year.  In the early spring, we celebrate Christ’s Resurrection at a time of year when the earth is ‘rising’ from the dead of winter and visibly bursting into new life.  By early summer, we have entered into the Season After … Continue reading November in the Liturgical Year

Answering Objections to NFP

The Church’s teachings about birth control and openness to life remain subject to much controversy, and as part of this, the concept of Natural Family Planning or NFP, which some refer to as ‘the only method of birth control approved by the Church,’ is subject to many criticisms and misgivings.  On the one hand, many … Continue reading Answering Objections to NFP

5 Amazingly Catholic Ways to Celebrate Halloween

By now, many of us have come to understand that Halloween is a Catholic holiday, the Vigil of All Saints’ Day and the first day of the ‘Allhallowtide’ Triduum. We can certainly have fun with pumpkins, costumes, trick-or-treating, candy and treats, and watching shows like It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charilie Brown, since we know that … Continue reading 5 Amazingly Catholic Ways to Celebrate Halloween

Why Contraception is Wrong

Image via Pixabay. The Catholic Church’s teachings about marriage are based on the natural law, and provided that absolute morality is understood, they can be easily be understood based on proper application of right reason.  The primary purpose of marriage is the procreation and education of children.  Naturally, this tenet raises questions regarding contraception, infertility, … Continue reading Why Contraception is Wrong

Understanding the Purpose of Marriage, Part II

Once it has been demonstrated that the primary purpose of the sexual act is the procreation of children, the rest falls into place.  The reason that marriage exists is that children can be raised by both their parents.  Marriage has been part of every human society, because it is that deeply ingrained in human nature.  … Continue reading Understanding the Purpose of Marriage, Part II

Understanding the Purpose of Marriage

As promised, here is the first follow-up to my first post on this blog, A Natural Law Argument for Premarital Chastity, Marital Fidelity, and Traditional Marriage.  It is no secret that marriage is widely under attack today.  We live in an age where fornication, adultery, divorce, contraception, and homosexual activity are paramount and viewed as … Continue reading Understanding the Purpose of Marriage

Catholicism is Universal, Part II: Understanding Different Rites and Different Customs

As discussed in a previous post, Catholicism was the first religion that was meant to be universal (hence its name), and hence the practice of the faith was to take on different forms in the different cultures that it spread to.  Of course, the actual doctrines of the Church, the actual deposit of the faith, … Continue reading Catholicism is Universal, Part II: Understanding Different Rites and Different Customs

Understanding the Moral Absolute

In recent decades, Catholicism has acquired a reputation for being very strict, foreboding, overbearing, arbitrary, and not in keeping with the times.  I say ‘acquired,’ rather than ‘earned,’ because there is no reason that Catholicism should have such a reputation at all.  It is true that the Church continues to condemn many things prevalent in … Continue reading Understanding the Moral Absolute