About Me

Laudatus Iesus Christus, in saecula saeculorum!

My name is Lisa Frecker, and I have long been a passionate lover of all things pertaining to holiness and truth.  I have my bachelor’s degree in theology and classics (Latin and Greek) from Franciscan University.  I absolutely love to think, and I find myself constantly thinking about the nature of truth, the connections between faith and reason, the deepest mysteries of our Catholic faith, how we know that Catholicism is true, and how these matters are to be applied to all aspects of our lives, both pragmatically and spiritually. 

This blog is my small vehicle for sharing my reflections and insights on some of these matters- which are also intimately connected with the pursuit of holiness, our shared universal goal.  As a faithful Catholic, I profess complete adherence to the teachings of the Church and pledge never to promote heterodoxy.  However, please understand that in many posts, I am sharing my own reflections that are not the official teaching of the Church, and are liable to contain errors.  Also, there will be many posts about applying principles of faith and reason to particular situations, so some posts may seem somewhat political in nature.  However, I do promise to avoid discussing any current or recent political candidates or mentioning any such political leaders by name on this blog, and will strive to avoid contentious political matters.

I am a young(ish) wife, mother of two beautiful little girls (so far), a Latin teacher/tutor online and in person, and an aspiring professional writer.  (Check out my Services page if you may be interested in hiring me for one of these pursuits.)  Other interests include sewing, baking, classical and sacred music, and a passion for all things related to childbirth.

My beautiful family!

Feel free to message me with suggested topics pertaining to faith and reason that you would like me to post about!