Why This Isn’t Simply a ‘Mom Blog’: Striving for Holiness in Any State of Life

When I told a few family members and friends that I was planning to start a blog, a question that was asked was whether it was going to be about my life as a mom.  The answer was, and is, no.  This may seem surprising, considering how popular mothering is as a blog topic, and how being a mother is the primary focus of my life at this time, with an almost-three-year-old daughter and an infant daughter.  But from the beginning I was determined to choose a different blogging niche, and I would like to explain my reasons why.

First of all, there are already many great ‘mom blogs’ and ‘family life blogs’ out there.  Many are secular, some are related to another faith, some are Protestant, and plenty are Catholic too.  Anyone wishing to read a blog about Catholic mothering can find any number of them through Google, recommendations from friends, listening to Catholic speakers, or other sources such as Blessed Is She.  There are several that I am happy to recommend and enjoy reading myself.  But I do not recognize a need to add yet another Catholic mom blog to the market at this time.

Secondly, although I am now a wife and mother, I was not always one.  It took me much longer to find my husband, be mutually ready to marry, and have our first child than I wish it had.  I remember well the days when I was single, longing desperately to marry and have children, but was not yet able to do so.  I have never forgotten how hard it was to find support and encouragement for striving to discern God’s Will and to grow in holiness as a single woman. To this day, I believe that the unique life situation of Catholic single adults is not as well understood as it ought to be by the Catholic world at large, and that persons in that state of life need more support applicable to them. Therefore, there will be some posts on this blog that recall my experiences and struggles from those days.

This ties in with an important point that I do not think can be emphasized enough, that we are all called to strive for holiness, in any state of life and in any circumstance we encounter.  ‘Striving for holiness’ is in fact a key phrase, because growing in holiness is a journey, which will not be complete for any of us until our earthly lives are complete.  The course of the journey, however, is very different for each of us, and though we have many choices to make along the way, there are also many circumstances that are simply beyond our control.  There are canonized saints whose lives and specific personal struggles were about as different from each other as can be imagined, yet they all ultimately became saints.  So, while I cannot presume to know much, and certainly cannot write, about the various unique challenges faced by everybody, I would like this blog to have at least some applicability to anyone who is currently trying to be holy and serve the Lord, in whatever situation and circumstance he is doing so.

Most of all, however, what I wish to do is to remind the modern world faith and reason truly are connected with each other, that the tenets of the Catholic faith really are consistent with reason and that Catholic morality is based on the natural law, rather than being rigid or arbitrary.  The world we live in is utterly starved for truth!  The intended audience for this blog is anyone seeking a deeper appreciation of the Catholic faith through a deeper appreciation of right reason, or anyone seeking to better understand the inherent reasonability of the Catholic faith.  The pursuit of holiness naturally follows from this as we consider how to apply these principles to our actual pragmatic lives in the midst of this crazy world.

With all this mind, I am proud to launch Holiness and Truth- Reflections on the nature of faith and reason and its practical implications as my blog.  The focus of this blog will be the nature of truth, the connections between right reason and various particular tenets and morals of the Catholic faith, and how the principles of reason apply to the practice of our faith- as well as more mundane components of our daily lives.  There will also be posts about our shared universal goal, to grow in holiness and become saints, and how this can be pursued in our particular lives and situations.

I will always welcome comments and suggestions for new blog topics.

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